Kate Connick Clothing is made up of timeless, versatile designs that can be worn for daytime or a night on the town. These are New York City-made pieces created in mind for your ever changing plans, but continuative fashionable sense of style. We strive for connection and that is why Kate designs items using grommets, rings, and cords. The grommets symbolize two people and the cord is the shared idea that connects them together. We hope that you find a connection with us and let these pieces become a part of your story.

“I believe in the ability to become whatever you want to be. I founded Kate Connick Clothing when I decided to take time away from school after walking onto a D1 lacrosse team and tearing my ACL. When I made the transition back home from South Carolina, I found myself taking the train back and forth from Connecticut to NYC to browse through fabric shops. Through this process, I made time for myself. I took a pause in life to rediscover who I am and what I'm interested in. I was able to bring a passion to life I didn't know existed before. I build my company by doing. By putting myself out there and learning through trial and error and taking risks. I learned more about myself and the person I'm becoming. Kate Connick Clothing is more than just a clothing line, it's a holistic, all encompassing lifestyle. I'm as passionate about fashion and entrepreneurship as I am health, wellness, spirituality, fitness, and other areas of life. I launched a podcast, too, Connect with Kate, alongside my clothing line. Connect with Kate allows me to have conversations with like-minded people to discuss purpose, connection, and how to build a brand.”